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Monday, March 29, 2010

If it keeps on going.....

You're going down down down

1 British pound = 4.88986683 Malaysian ringgits

And its getting even lower as day goes by. Not really sure what is going on in the UK, but I think it has to be their financial crisis and the amount of debt to owe for imports.

Looks like UK is a clear green light if their currency continue to be as so. Cheaper than Australia wee hee.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why This??

Too many supply!!

Most of you know that I will be reading law after graduating from my A levels. Well, one question keeps running through my mind. Its not about the difficulty of the course nor which college I will be going to. The question: Why is law so high in demand??

I was in the train the other day with Lee Kah Yun. We were talking about medicine. Surprisingly there are many people nowadays who wants to pursue a degree in medicine. But seriously, it ain't easy. But ironically, this people don't seen to know how tough or how is the life of a doctor? Graduating at 38 if you wanna earn big?? Madness.

This applies to law as well. I just can't see why lots of people wanna do it. Its tough, it requires decent english and lots of reading and researching. Probably cuz its the easiest high pay career course that is easy to get in. That's cause, you only need 2 passes or 2E in A-levels. Sigh!! Quality this days. Anyway, I gotta prepare for the hard journey through law.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moderate day...

Dig, set and SPIKE!

The bad shall come first. Its a dumb day. First, I rarely spend time with my dear one today. Lotsa stuff came up. I can't follow her home due to worship practice. Then she got stuck in the train, due to some error with the LRT. That left me in college till 6.30 pm. Damn... sad day

However, I managed to play volleyball today after a long long time. I'm happy cuz I manage to knick 5 points and that let us to a win :) ( team consisted of Justin, Ern Wei, Sze Ling, Andrew, Me and Jason). Playing in the rain was also fun.. but ugh, damn wet and slippery.

Short post today, real sorry. No mood to write :)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do or die Red

Rivals forever!

I just hate this time of the season, the big rivalry between the 2 Reds, the Devils and the Reds (Man Utd v Liverpool). Its 3 winning streak for Liverpool, and 3 down for the Devils, will it change tonight?

With the form of Wayne Rooney, all of Liverpool's defence will go out on him. But, the Reds had gotten stronger over the past few weeks, but with a game on monday, and a mid week game, the Reds may be tired.

Game on tonight, 9.30 pm. May the fittest wins!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I wonder and wonder and wonder

Its just another crossroad.

Its the time of the year again where decisions must be made. Oh well, this time, its gonna be super tough.

Choosing universities is never as easy as I thought. I had actually made my plans but due to financial reasons, things change. I may not be able to go to UK. Prices are over the hills. Taylor's cost 120k for 3 years excluding cost of living. HELP twinning cost 100k including cost of living. However, due to loans being available, I might have a shot at it.

That is not a decision for me to make, as finance is an issue that my parents have to weigh. But I have this huge decision to make on which it also affects my parents, but also affects me. To choose between Brickfields Asia or HELP university. Both have the twinning programs I want, but both have different standards of education. BAC is famous for law, but giving already printed notes, I feel like I do not have to write extra notes. Imagine this, if I give you my notes for Economics for all units, will you want to do your own notes, even if I miss something out? Maybe not.

I was always looking forward to the day where I depend on myself to study. Lecturers are only there to explain how we answer questions, what we must study and giving tutorials and assignments. I do not want to be spoon fed. But my dad seems to look at the written notes as an advantage. Another difference would be the campus. In BAC, I'm studying in the top floor of shops. Whereas in HELP, I'm in a campus. Plus the facilities are different and there are more societies to join in HELP.

Sigh... all I look to now is you Lord. Do help and guide me. I'm at the crossroads yet again. And only You can guide me.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

World of Warcraft Comic Issue 1-14

The Story of Azeroth has its twist.

I actually finished reading this comic, but since my blog was dead I practically did not wanna talk about it. But since I'm back, here goes.

The World of Warcraft comic caught my eye ever since I read about its existence. Being a Warcraft fan and playing both the RTS and the MMORPG, I decided to take a look at the story behind this comic. Practically its the story of the King of Stormwind, who was kidnapped and has lost all of his memory. Being found on the shores of Kalimdor, far away from home, the King finds himself as a gladiator battling out in tournaments which results in death. As the story progresses, the King tries to find his past and to find who he really his. His journey takes him all over the land of Azeroth, where he fights many monsters, and even go on dangerous quest.

The comic is practically a video game itself, making you feel that you are the King, traveling around the world just to find who you are. Fans of any Warcraft game would find this comic interesting. However, I only covered 14 issues as this is the story of the King. Issue 14 to 25, talks of another story ( which I will cover in my later posts). If you are a fan of magic, medieval ages, dragons and sword fighting, I would definitely recommend this comic to you. For general readers, its readable, and I think you would definitely enjoy it as well.

Overall: A good comic to read, very well placed story line and suspense at the end of every issue keeps wanting you to read more more more.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach Review

The animation returns

Its Gorillaz 3rd Album. And its hell been long since thei final album, Demon Days. However here is the review of their latest album.

Their music has changed totally since the Demon Day's album. In their previous album, I remember loving the bass of Murdoc going to the song of Feel Good Inc or the song White Light. This new album however, has brought in the synthesizer and samplers. The bass of Murdoc has practically fade to the back. All you here is sample drum beats, which doesn't even sound like Russel's. However, the song of Superfast Jellyfish has good bass and drums. But the others, the bass is at the back and drums are samples.

Not only did the instruments change, the music style did as well. Demon days had some really cool rock type hip hop songs. Some of which you can pop to it. However, this album has changed from hip hop pop to hip hop jazz. Most song sounds jazzy, and there are lots or featured rappers rapping the whole song. It wasn't like Demon Day's where it was 2D who was taking the lead most of the time. The music also sounds a little like 60's music, going back old school. However, thank God for 2D being able to have that blur low voice in certain songs.

Overall, I would say, don't get the album. Its not really worth it as I feel that other artistes album is worth more than this. If you are a Gorillaz fan and want it to be in your collection, then go ahead, or without, NO!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My blog's back.

Revived. After a long break

Its been like 5 months since I last blogged about anything. Well, today is a fresh start again for me. I'm looking for something to do online as I'm trying to resist playing computer games on my computer now. I've decided to take up photography, since Dad has a DSLR Cam. Its fun trying new stuff. Also, I'll be review-ing some comics I've read ( no Manga, I'm anti them) and musics. So hope this time round, the blog just don't die off. Till the next post. Ciaoz


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