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Monday, June 28, 2010

End of exams and a change

It will be renovating

Exams are over finally. Its university next for me. I can feel the freedom. Anyway, blog will be going down for renovation. Time it will be open, unknown. Till then just wait for my facebook status update on my blog. Cyah then people

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Waiting Patiently....

Its not patient.

It is 2 down, 6 to go. The next paper will be this Friday and it is business 3. Well, that means 5 to go. I have Law 1 next week, and the final week of HELL!! where I 4 papers in a span of 3 days. I really need to get through that last one well.

I really miss hanging out with my friends from college, due to everyone studying. However, I'm looking forward to the end of the exams where its back to normal. Lepak-ing, bouldering with the college gang and many many more. Like... Being able to hang out with her again :)

I've been a WoW addict recently, levelling really fast and the good news is that more are coming as well. I'm waiting for them, so that we could begin as the team that can raid well. I also love the PvP system and is prepared to play in the arena once I'm high enough.

Till the next one. Study time :) patience patience patience
PS: To you... Its gonna be over soon. Miss you..


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