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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The FINAL countdown

Its starting....

Sigh! I cannot stop thinking that exams are so near and the friends who I met throughout the past year and a half ( sorta) are gonna go away. Its been a great year and a half for me. Being able to come to college exposed me to many types of people: The funny, the cute, the pretty, the lovely, the jerks etc etc. This is just gonna go away so so soon.

I also finally learn how different A-Levels examination is compared to our local SPM or PMR which is utter RUBBISH!! Seriously, Malaysia needs harder exams. Note making, self study, discipline is the key if you want to succeed in A-Levels, especially if you are an Arts student ( like me)

Life's change since I started college. Being able to go out alone, doing what college kids do, stop some unimportant things in life, find someone that you really like, being able to think and grow was what happened. Oh well, time flies.

And I'm sick again. So I gotta go.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell - Matchbox 20

I've recently caught a cold, thank God that its not the deadly H1N1! I'm still having some of the symptoms like sore throat. Its hurting!! ARGH!!!

And exam just passed, thank goodness its done. The big exam is just round the corner though. Wishing it gets over real quick and phew.... rest before Uni.

I hurt my back as well after basketball on monday. Stiff muscle, and its curing, I feel better and should be available for ball this sunday. Finally!!

Have not been mixing recently, now I'm wondering which would be better to play with? The camera or the turntables?? Hmmm...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm tired... of writing

Imagine, 4 hours of pure writing with no rest!

That was what happened yesterday, and the story of me being off from blogging a while. Trials are on this week. For some reason, the timetable was really sucky. I had one and half hours of economics followed by Law 2, two hours later. Yesterday was the killer, it was Law 1 for 3 hours, 1 hour break, then 1 and a half hours of Business Studies. I was aching in the exam hall for my final paper. Crap! I can't write anymore.

Anyways, exam is considered end for me tomorrow. This is because there is only Moral Studies on Monday. All activities will resume as usual till May. May is the actual exam, since I'm retaking papers. This is the final shot, gotta do well for it, then its UNIVERSITY!!!

Besides that, I've done my first DJ mix a few days back. I'll upload it if you wanna give it a listen. Till the next!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Hear the BEAT!

Its all about beats, techno and MUSIC!

A great way to kill time other than taking photos and most definitely computer games. Its called, Mixing or to some of you all, DJ-ing.

I discovered this time killer when I remembered about the book called DJ-ing for Dummies, and decided that I should give it a try. Searching the web for a DJ software, I stumbled upon this software called Virtual DJ.

As above, that will be my equipment. My songs are all in MP3 format. So, what's provided in the software? It has samplers, funny sounds you can use such as Air Raid Sirens, Saxophones and some cheers. It also gives you effects like backscratch, beatgrid and flanger. This software also counts for you the BPM for the song, and at the press of the sync button, the 2 songs beat are match.

Well, after learning to mix, I have learn how to count beats and beatmatch (BPM). Something most drummers would be similar with. I also know that each section of a song have 8 bars ( how many of you know that?) Also I know to synchronize songs properly, creating a good transition from one song to another without spoiling the mood of the crowd. Adding samplers and effects is another skill altogether. My disc scratching isn't perfect yet though. Still suck at it.

The songs used for mixing are not normal chart songs you hear on the radio. We have specific genre of music of which we can mix. My favourite personally is Electro/House as its slower, catchy and more fun to mix. There are other genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Trance and Techno.

The bad thing bout this software is that, you control only with your mouse and lack the feel of what a real DJ has. However, it is good practice for people who can't afford turntables, mixers and vinyls ( records, those black ones). Its a good way to learn the basics from here, then move on and invest when we have the money for the real set.

After, several hours of practice, I still am not confident to record a mix yet. But hopefully I will one day.


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