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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why DotA's time is over on Garena?

Why no more DotA?

I recently watched my bro play DotA on Garena with his friend. Guess what out of 4 games he only won 1. And 2 of those 4 games, his friend left the game due to.... Maphackers. Yes! You have your answer right here. Maphackers.

These bunch of people have been dominating Garena for already almost a year. It has now become even more common to see this buggers who can see the whole map everyday in every game on Garena. What more, they are playing it so obvious that you do not have the mood to play the game anymore. My bro even quote saying that " DotA is now a game of may the best Maphacker wins".

Also, DotA is filled with young new players playing as the veterans will mostly play in the middle of the night. This wastes your time as you have to teach this young players to play while managing your own. And each time they die, its really a pain in the butt.

Another reason is DotA eats up a minimum of 20 minutes and at times 1 hour away from your life. This time can be taken to do something more beneficial. This was the big reason why I stopped playing. If I count the time, I think I have easily wasted a year and half playing DotA over the past 4 years playing it.


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ern said...

Haha. Well said. Well said

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